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Explore the fascinatingly diverse world of surface texture and fabric manipulation with Jennie Rayment.

  All lectures are "Show and Tell" only -no slides.

(If preferred lectures can be arranged as a Zoom talk plus demonstrations.)

Beware all the talks contain not just an amazing amount of Show and Tell but a bit of stripping too (in the nicest possible way)!


Zoom only: Christmas lecture - 90 mins

Enter the world of twiddles and fiddles for some fabulous festive fun. Look, listen and learn as Jennie takes you thorugh a wealth of articles and artefacts illustrated with full demonstrations of various techniques. Sit back and enjoy her silly stories and creative canters through a life of twitching, tweaking, folding and rolling for amazing material magic.





Twiddling and Fiddling with Texture

From tucking, pleating, weaving, twiddling and fiddling, marvel at the wealth of ideas and designs that arise from simple folding techniques. Ponder lightheartedly over all the delectable delights and devious conundrums that can be constructed from a little tweaking and twisting. See the multitudinous array of samples that have been developed by the machinations of a slightly obsessed and demented fabric manipulator. (Covers ideas from all her books.)


Trials and Tribulations of a Traveling 'Nipper and Tucker'

From wacky wearables to luscious landscapes, interlocked shapes to Contrariwise Cathedral Windows along with a little jiggling, juggling, rolling and folding, uncover the mysteries behind these amazing manoeuvrings. Delves into dyeing in the microwave amongst other things. Interspersed with the techniques are the harrowing but highly amusing tales of a globetrotting textural manipulator.


Magical Manipulationswith the Muslin Mistress

A remarkably lighthearted romp through the mysteries of fabric manipulation and surface texture mainly from 'Tucked Up in Bed' and 'Tinkering with Texture'. See the vast array of ingenious ideas for twiddling and fiddling material and giggle at the antics of the worlds most infamous 'Muslin Mistress' and hear about Miss Whiplash. All Show and Tell - no sleepy making slides, just a little sex and stitching.


Texture by Design - What if!

Learn about the enormous wealth of sources for innovative material manipulation - often in your immediate surroundings and how they can be translated into textural ideas. Discover how it all began - purely by accident! See many samples and quilts and see some ingeniously simple techniques demonstrated. A lighthearted and humorous presentation by a demented fabric fiddler.



Totally Tucked Up!

Latest collection of nipped, tucked and twiddled quilts, garments and bags plus yet more hilarious anecdotes from the Mistress of Muslin and Calico Queen. Serge into sewing, manoeuvre a manipulation and tweak a little texture - it is fast, fun and frivolous!


Lectures are approximately 60 minutes but can be lengthened or shortened to suit. Lecture/demo’s can be arranged if required.