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Diary and Schedule of Classes




Here are the bookings for this year

A = Afternoon, L = Lecture, E = Evening, W/S = Workshop

Only brief details are given - for further information contact the Guild, organisation or store, please. (All dates are inclusive of travelling time.)


June 2nd: Emsworth Girls

June 3rd: Friendship Club Pagham A/L

June 14th: Coventry Sewing Centre: Bargello & Strip Patcwhork W/S 

June 19th/21st: Sandown Quilt Show


July 1st/2nd: Leominster Quilters (E/L + W/S) CANC

July 4th: Create and Craft 8.00 with Crafters Companion

July 6th/8th: Smocker's Guild, Alfreton, Derbyshire

July 11th: Guild of Spinners, Worthing, West Sussex

July 18th: Thames ??????

July 24th/25th: Norfolk Quilters (E/L + W/S)

July 28th/29th: Ouse Valley Quilters (E/L + W/S)

July 30th/Aug 2nd: Festival of Quilts NEC, Birmingham


Aug 8th/9th: Evesham Crafters Companion store (am/pm W/S) - apply to store for details

Aug 29th: Create and Craft 8.00 with Crafters Companion


Sept 3rd: Marsh Quilters, Leytonstone E/L

Sept 4th: Horsham Quilters M/L.

Sept 4th/6th: Creative Sewing Weekends, New Place Hotel, Wickham Hampshire

Sept 8th: Roding Quilters, Essex

Sept 11th/12th:  Panicos, Stockton on Tees (W/S Tree Quilt)

Sept 19th/20th East Kent Embroiderers, CT4 5NP (E/L = W/S)

Sept 22nd/23rd: Levens Quilters, Kendal (E/L + W/S)

Sept 25th/27th: Aylesbury Priory, W/S


Oct 2nd/3rd: Louth Quilters, Lincs (E/L = W/S)

Oct 4th: Coventry Sewing Centre: Christmas Class)

Oct 11th: Crafty Monkies, Reading W/S

Oct 12th: Chichester AGM??????

Oct 14th: United Quilters, Farnham, Surrey E/L

Oct 23rd/25th: Duxford Quilt Show

Oct 31st: Create and Craft 11.00 with Crafters Companion


Nov 8th: Create and Craft 9.00 with Crafters Companion

Nov 10th/11th: Scrap Happy Quilters, Gosport, Hants (E/L + W/S)

Nov 14th: EYES, Hull (mini W/S + A/L)

It is never too late to make a booking: if Jennie is coming to your county/state/country - why not arrange a workshop? She has car and likes flying, can even swim if needed!