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Quilting Patchwork & Applique School

Quilting Patchwork & Applique School

Part 1 and Part 2 


Join Jennie Rayment as she introduces you to this beginners course on quilting, patchwork and appliqué. Delve into the magical world of this creative craft; learn the essential steps that will stand you in good stead as you begin your journey. Start with cutting and preparation and a basic block then build your confidence with more techniques. From traditional strip designs to Log Cabin and more modern creations, uncover the mystery of Half and Quarter Squares and play with shape and form, then take a sneak peak at the fascinating world of appliqué. Try your hand at simple stitching, explore bias and Stained Glass with a taste of Celtic and Shadow then experiment with the elements of machine appliqué in al its glory.

 Read on for more details - 8 hours of great teaching content
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Section 1: Introduction 
From basic equipment to simple blocks, understand the tools and their use, learn some of the tricks of the trade, understand how to stitch by hand and machine. Begin the journey with some easy designs with squares.
Jennie takes you into the fabulous world of patchwork and explains the course content
Fabrics and Threads
Material choice and preparation plus advice on thread
Tools and Equipment
Discover the correct tools and how to use for accurate cutting
Let’s start sewing
From ¼” seam allowance to thread savers plus lots of invaluable tips.
Simple Blocks with Squares
Create Basic Nine Patch, Disappearing Nine Patch, Bow Tie & Irish Chain designs
Section 2 : Strips to Log Cabin
Learn how to cut and sew strips then explore Strip patchwork techniques from a selection of classic blocks and some modern twists on traditional designs

Strips to Log Cabin

Simple strip techniques from pinwheels to partial seaming
Rail Fence and more
Popular traditional patchwork block plus quick methods developed from triangles
Seminole Patchwork
Discover fascinating strip patterns developed by the Seminole Indians
Explore Log Cabin
From classic Log Cabin to Courthouse Steps and Spiral Log Cabin
Section 3 Half and Quarter Square Triangles
The building blocks of patchwork! Understand how to construct, piece and play with the shape. Follow Jennie as she takes you through a range of well known block designs and border effects.
Half and Quarter Square Triangles
Learn cutting and construction and create Amish Friendship and Eight Pointed Star
Quarter Square Triangles
Understand how and when to use in a variety of different blocks
Quarter Square Triangles Part 2
Explore a range of patterns created with Quarter Square Triangles
Get to Grips with the Grain
Cope with the differences between Half and Quarter Square Triangles
Flying Geese
Simple ways to construct and arrange this very traditional design 
Bears Paw
Much loved classic patchwork block 
Section 4: Hand and Machine Appliqué
Experiment with different ways to create hand appliqué, explore the magic of bias strips in a range of designs from Stained Glass to Celtic. Take a look at Shadow appliqué and develop your technique with machine stitchery.
Hand and Machine Appliqué
Consider a wide variety of ways to create hand appliqué from paper to interfacing
Bias Binding & Stained Glass Appliqué
Unique methods for creating fascinating designs
Celtic Appliqué
Taste the delight of twisting bias strips in intricate patterns
Shadow Appliqué
Simple method for a quick and easy appliqué technique 
Machine Appliqué
From satin stitching to Broderie Perse, experiment and explore a range of ideas.

Part 2

Let’s continue with our journey through the unique world of patchwork and appliqué. Jennie now shows us the delights of hand patchwork from English Paper Piecing, Clamshells and Hawaiian, then continues along this magical path to some traditional pieced and applied designs such as Dresden Plate and Grandmother’s Fan. Following on from these techniques, try your hand at the Y seam with Tumbling Blocks, explore the versatility of different shaped triangles and gaze in wonder at the Kaleidoscope design. For those who like a challenge, experiment with developing 54/40 Fight or Flight into a Storm at Sea but for others who prefer a quiet meander along the learning curve, try a simple project such as a Tree Table mat.

Hand Patchwork: Explore a variety of hand sewn techniques from English Paper Pieceing, Suffolk Puffs, Puff Patchwork to Clamshells and Hawaiian. Learn the construction, sewing methods and how to play with these very different techniques.

English Paper Piecing: Hexagons and other shapes over paper then sewn together

Suffolk Puffs: Gather circles for this traditional appliqué or use for toys and other soft artefacts

Puff Patchwork: Simple construction technique involving two squares and some padding.

Clamshells: Play with the wonderful effect of a very well known patchwork design

 Hawaiian: One piece appliqué easily create from a square of paper.

Traditional Pieced and Applied Patchwork: Dresden Plates and Grandmother’s Fans in different formations with alternative choices for completion. Play with shape, construct your own design and appliqué in place. Explore the fascination of a Petal Pattern block and experiment.

Dresden Plates: How to construct, how to piece and how to complete in different ways

Grandmother’s Fans: Construct, create and play with this traditional block

Petal Pattern: Explore the potential of this flowerlike design

Tumbling Blocks, Triangles & Stars: Explore the possibilities of 30 and 60 degree triangles. Uncover the mystery of Y seams within Tumbling Blocks and Eight Point Star and see how simple constrctuion can be.

60 degree Triangles: Use your ruler or a template to cut shapes then play with the pieces

Tumbling Blocks: Master the ubiquitous Y seam in easy stages

30 degree Triangles: Expand the shape into a different style of Dresden Plate

Eight Pointed Star: Learn how to make a successful design and conquer that Y seam!

Curved Illusions: Deceive your eyes - from straight lines create curves! Use colour, shape and form and develop the 54/40 block into a Storm at Sea.  Then tinker with different angles for a kaleidoscopic effect then relax with a simple tree mat project.

54/40 Flight or Flight: Well known traditional block with great potential to play

Storm at Sea: More advanced design but can be done by all abilities

Tree Table Mat: Simple project ideal for beginners.

Kaleidoscope: Use a 45 degree triangle to create an illusion of curved lines